Stylecraft will always hold a special place in my heart. Having sent enquiries out to several yarn companies, they were the only ones to even bother to respond. Their rep, Tracey, called, wasn’t worried by the size of my shop and together we worked out a sensible choice of stock to get me started.

Since then, and with the changes in location, my wall of Stylecraft has grown and grown. The 100 shades of Special DK make an eye catching display and the yarn itself is so adaptable and easy going. I always point beginners towards it. You can pull it back as many times as needed, rewind the ball and it’s good to go. One of the bloggers I follow, Attic 24, has such brilliant designs for crochet. I’m onto my third blanket, an excellent winter project as it keeps you warm while you work. Her patterns are as straightforward as she can make them and accompanied by plenty of photos. A beginners dream.


Tracey also helped us arrange our first open evening in October’21. She brought along several garments made in a variety of yarns, and spent the evening charming our customers, all of whom left with purchases. It turned out to be the best sales day the shop has ever experienced and I’m sure we will be repeating the event again – maybe the summer this time to highlight their lightweight yarns…

I’ve expanded my Stylecraft range over the years. In no particular order we now stock; Special DK, Aran, Chunky and XL Chunky, Batik Swirl, Cabaret, Head Over Heels, Softie, Amour, Charm, Carnival Tweed, Re-Create and my current favourite Naturals Bamboo and Cotton. And then of course there are all the baby ranges which are super popular, from 4ply to Aran weight; Special for Babies, Bambino, Wondersoft, Sweet Dreams. I’m sure I’ve missed a few, but that gives a fair flavour of what we keep in stock. The delivery guy now calls weekly. Never did I imagine I would be needing weekly supplies when I started. It still astonishes me.

Now, why have I chosen Bamboo and Cotton as my current favourite? Well, as a crocheter I always appreciate a yarn that glides on the hook and has a high natural fibre content. I’ve used it on projects as diverse as baby blankets and amigurumi. And best of all Stylecraft have actually released some crochet patterns using Bamboo and Cotton, so there’s a really cheerful cardigan made it onto my to do list.  It’s a good summer weight yarn (DK) with a broad range of colours.


There is one teeny downside. As a shop owner I much prefer balls of yarn that behave themselves on the shelves and always look their best for our customers. Bamboo and Cotton, with its silky finish and dumpy ball design is a nightmare to keep tidy! I think it deliberately unwinds itself just to wind me up. But I shall not be defeated. They will stand in a tidy line and behave themselves.

So, if you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned knitter/crocheter, we have a Stylecraft yarn for you.



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