Way back when (2017), I took redundancy and walked away from a career in education that had been deeply fulfilling. There I was, with all this time on my hands and the only thing I was sure of was that it was time for change.  My counsellor at MIND suggested I challenge myself to learn something new. I read about a beginners crochet class and never having crocheted before (and being left handed), it seemed like an excellent challenge. And so my overwhelming love of all things hook and wool was born.

Along with a good friend we decided to enter the world of craft fairs where we sold our hand made items with some success. However, there is a glaring drawback to a craft stall. Living as I do on the North East coast of England, the weather can be unforgiving (awful) and, after spending hours in the freezing cold, driving rain, the idea of a ‘proper’ shop took root.

I found a tiny unit for rent in The Arches, a small arcade of shops close to the town centre, which was ideal to test the market. Initially I opened to encourage shoppers to buy from local crafters. The shop was a glorious mish- mash of items, and so my career in retail was born.

Eventually my love of wool won out and I approached Stylecraft who in turn agreed to my becoming a stockist. Rico followed a short while later as did my very first knit and natter group. It was perfect.

Then Covid struck…

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