And of course we’re back to Covid again. During the next lockdown Linda and I were able to divide the town between us and increase home deliveries while we waited to get back into the shiny new shop. When we finally reopened we increased our workshops and number of knit and natter sessions as well as expanding our range of yarn. In came WYS, Scheepjes and haberdashery. Soon the space was filled beyond capacity and began to look cluttered. But sales were still good and I was loathe to give up any of our stock or stockists. A Website was added into the mix and that brought in out of the area sales.

The unit next door, a former chemist shop had been empty for a number of years. It was far too big and expensive for me. You know where this is going don’t you…. After many conversations with the landlord, poring over plans, wandering around the main sales area and endless conversations with people who could use their heads where I was using my heart, eventually a deal was struck.

In September 2021 we opened the doors of the third incarnation of Kraft Work Yarns. With a double frontage painted bright purple and free car parking opposite we were going to be hard to miss.

Of course it hasn’t all been as easy as I’ve made it sound on paper. There are those dark times when sales drop right off and you begin to doubt the future, only to swing right round and fill you with positive thoughts.

I love my shop. I love that we have enough space now for a table that can seat 12 comfortably, I love that I’ve been able to bring my sister in law, Karen, into the fold, and she now runs the social side of the business (6 knit and natter sessions and 1 felting session weekly so far). Friends, family, volunteers, I have been blessed with so many willing pairs of hands.

There’s a quiet feeling of satisfaction when I walk in the door and look around. Those few minutes before the day starts when the space is all mine. My little empire.

A crochet lesson I dared myself to take has led me to this and I’m so proud of it ♥️.

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